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Schedule A Meet With Me: Personal Guidance And Self Exploration

Meet with me to explore your personal evolution or get personal guidance. Learn to raise your vibration, expand your consciousness, or manifest your desires. Transform and become a conscious creator and choice maker. Shift through your self-limiting beliefs and step into a fuller, more vibrant version of yourself.

To book a session with me, email to find out how much the investment in yourself is and to arrange scheduling. In my experience, a session hardly ever only lasts one hour. It takes time to de-armor and open up with a new person. The inspired shifts only happen once you're comfortable to trust that you're in safe space, and can then relax into the conversation, open up, and share on a deeper level.

While it is your choice, I do suggest a two-hour meet. If you're not in my area, talk sessions are held online on Zoom. Please ensure you've signed up and sorted Zoom out on your device before the session.

If you're in the Cape Town area, meetings have the option to be in person, at my discretion. 

My in-person and online sessions are informal.

My work here is to inspire another way to approach life, and so the environments I choose to work with others will be conducive to joy, health, inspiration, and authentic human experiences. We're here to be healthy humans first, before we can be healthy at anything else in life.

When in-person sessions are booked, I meet you in a public area for first contact and then, should we both feel comfortable with each other, we can even head off on an adventure together. Cape Town is gorgeous and awesome. We can walk on the beach or mountain and connect in nature where it's so healing, we can even go on a 'day-cation' should you wish to schedule me for the day for beautiful, deep and meaningful conversations.

Feel free to read what the others have said about their time spent with me on my Testimonials Page.

Appointments are only confirmed once payment has been received. The reason I choose payment upfront to confirm the booking is so we can clear a pathway where we release any energetic niggles concerned with payment so we can focus on the exploration. Previously, people have not paid after their sessions, and I have also booked my time to meet the person only for them not to arrive at the appointment.

My time, my attention, and my energy are valuable, as are yours. Confirming the appointment with payment is confirming to life that you are willing to invest value in yourself to shift into a better space. Investing in value towards your wellbeing reflects profound reflections back to you when it comes to improving the state of your life.

 All my services are non-refundable, so please request an invoice if you are serious about working with me. Once the invoice has been paid, I will offer you my first available date. This could be up to eight weeks in advance. I appreciate your patience and understanding of my full schedule.

Rescheduling/cancellation policy
  •    As this is a non-refundable service, if you need to cancel your session, please give me 24 hours notice.
  •    If you miss your session, you will still be charged. 
  •  You can reschedule within 24-hours notice of the appointment date, and be given my next available date. Only two reschedules are granted before the appointment is considered void. It's obviously not meant to be at this moment if stuff keeps coming up that you can't make the session. Try again at a later stage perhaps.
  •    If you call in or arrive late, your session will still end at the original scheduled time so that the person after you can begin on time, or I can move onto my next appointment punctually and well timed.
I appreciate you stopping by and reaching out.


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